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Prefab Modular Home System by Blu Homes

Blu Homes Retreat model prefab home.
About Blu Homes:

After first opening its doors in 2008, it would be fair to say that Blu Homes has made a significant impact in the prefabs industry. The company have devised several different products that place particular emphasis on being green, whilst still remaining affordable at the same time. Moreover, as well as providing countless products in their catalogue, the company are open to offering custom solutions to clients and have various examples that showcase this.

What products do Blu Homes offer?

In total, Blue Homes offer nine different products. Out of this selection, it can be said that the following ones are the most significant:

  • Origin
  • Balance
  • Element
  • Evolution

Most of these products are residential based, although some customers will attempt to convert them for commercial use. It should also be pointed out that Blu Homes include many sub-products within these different categories. These products operate on the same principle as their umbrella brand, yet will usually differ in terms of the number of bedrooms included or the general size of the building.

Out of all of the products mentioned above, the majority are one story. However, Blu Homes have made extra effort to cram as many rooms as possible into each of the buildings, meaning that one is certainly not losing out by not having an upper floor in their home.

How long does it take to erect a Blu Homes product?

Blu Homes have made no secret of the fact that they want to place as much emphasis as possible on speed during the construction of their products. For this reason, they boast very fast construction speeds with most properties taking between four and eight weeks to create in the factory environment, before then being delivered and installed two or three weeks later. Of course, you have to factor in various other time constraints during this period, such as the preparation process and the completion of all the necessary paperwork.

What is the Blu Homes factory like?

Most prefab companies are quite secretive of their factories where they produce all the elements for their products. However, Blu Homes go against this grain and have revealed everything there is to know about the place where all the development occurs. The fact it is one of the largest buildings on Mare Island speaks volumes about just how significant the building is and those individuals who want to find out more can even go on a tour around the factory. A lot of potential clients decide to do this to check just how sound the elements are that could be used in their future home.

A summary on Blu Homes

Out of the various architects within the prefabs industry, it could be said that Blu Homes are one of the more versatile companies. They not only have a large product selection, but they also break down these products into more specific designs meaning they are applicable to a huge range of customers. Many people are also fond of their openness and a visit to their factory is recommended for those who are not quite convinced on the firm's principles.